MLBeers Episode 6, The Start of the Season. 4/12/2017

This week on the podcast, we finally start talking about the baseball season. Phillip Corwin leads the discussion on the American League East and Andrew Sherman chats up the National League East. Of course, we will talk about beer.

Also, here is the latest episode of the MLBeers Historical Showdown.                      

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MLBeers Episode 5, Opening Week and Hot Topics. 4/5/2017

In this week’s podcast. It’s Opening Week to the baseball season. We tackled the Hot Topics of baseball; DH rule, Steroids, and the new rules for 2017 baseball season. Also, we start our new segment “MLBeers Historical Showdown”. Where the Fans play against the Hosts for glory, prizes, and the occasional bragging rights. I hope you enjoy this podcast and wish you and your team an exciting 2017 baseball season. PLAY BALL!!!

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Here is the first of many Historical Showdowns. The 1997 Florida Marlins v the 1996 New York Yankees.

Little description of each team.

1997 Florida Marlins: In 1996, the Marlins were just under .500. In 1997, they became World Series Champions with a 92-70 record. The team was full of stars; Gray Sheffield, Bobby Bonilla, Livan Hernandez, Jeff Conine, and many others. They beat the National League powerhouse Atlanta Braves in the NLCS then winning the World Series over the Cleveland Indians, with a Edgar Renteria grounder up the middle in the eleventh inning. After that season, the Marlins had a fire sale, giving up stars for big money and prospects. Were in the cellar of the Division until 2003…

1996 New York Yankees: The Yankees were in a title drought. They haven’t won it all since 1978. The year before ended a 13-year playoff drought. At the start of the season, they hired Joe Torre as Manager of the team. Also, they had abundance of veteran presence; Tino Martinez, Wade Boggs, Darryl Strawberry, Tim Raines, Dwight Gooden, and David Cone. But this year was the start of legendary “Core Four”. Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and Jorge Posada were on the team. The Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles in the ALCS(Don’t forget the “Jeffrey Maier Incident”) and beat the heavily favored defending champion Atlanta Braves. After that season, the Yankees built a dynasty, winning three more titles from 1998-2000.

MLBeers Episode 4, Playoffs and World Series. 3/29/2017

This week on the podcast we finally finish the season preview with the our award selections, All-Star teams, and of course the playoffs and World Series predictions.

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Music Credit: Intro: “The National Game” by John Phillip Sousa. Break: “Take Me out to the Ball Game” performed by the Kansas City Symphony

MLBeers Episode 3, The National League. 3/23/2017

In this week’s episode of the MLBeers podcast, we are in part two of the major league preview. Andrew Sherman chats about the oldest league in the United States, the National League. Like the National League’s long history, we got a bit long winded in this one.

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MLBeers Episode 2, The American League. 3/15/2017

This week’s episode of the MLBeers podcast, we start previewing the major league season by Phillip Corwin leading the way with the entire American League.

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MLBeers Episode 1, The Introductions & WBC. 3/07/2017

America’s two favorite pastimes came together for a podcast. Baseball and Beer. The hosts for the show, Andrew Sherman and Phillip Corwin introduce themselves to the world and explain why they love the game of baseball and craft beer. In addition, this week started the 2017 World Baseball Classic. The hosts breakdown the WBC and give their prediction to the WBC and have their takes on the topic “Should there be a WBC?”

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