Historical Showdown

Near the airing of Episode 3 of the podcast, we had a discussion about how to connect to the fans/listeners to the podcast even more. By Episode 4, the MLBeers Historical Show was born. It was first aired on Episode 5 and hasn’t stopped since… I hope.

How it all goes down is the host choose a team not by the stats, but just by thinking about a team that the host want to see play. Then the host post a poll on twitter to the fans, telling him who they chose and the options for the fans to choose. The four teams are not randomly selected by algorithm. They are selected from an article by Fansided.com that is called Ranking Every World Series Winners in History. Wherever the Hosts’ team is at on the list, the choices for the poll are two rankings above and two rankings the Hosts’ team. Example; Host pick: 2003 Florida Marlins ranked #106. Poll options: 1987 Minnesota Twins (#108), 2014 San Francisco Giants (#107), 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers (#105), and 1918 Boston Red Sox (#104). The reason being is to have equal teams as possible.

After the fans vote, Its game time. Instead of the old school way of deciding the outcomes like flipping a coin or using dice. We use the video game simulator, Out of the Park Baseball 18. We don’t mess with the lineups and settings, we just play ball. I wish the listeners luck. You could win a prize.

Here is an instructional video on how it will work.

The Scorebook

The Hosts 3-1 The Fans

The Fans will be denoted with “*“. The series home team will be after the “@” symbol. Winner in bold text.

1996 New York Yankees* @ 1997 Florida Marlins, 4 to 2 

1924 Washington Senators @ 1906 Chicago White Sox*, 4 to 1 

1955 Brooklyn Dodgers* @ 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates, 4 to 3 

1986 New York Mets* @ 1929 Philadelphia Athletics, 4 to 3