About Us

Like our first tweet, MLBeers brought two of America’s favorite pastimes, baseball and beer, together for a podcast. Phillip Corwin and Andrew Sherman’s passion for baseball and beer go deep like a Giancarlo Stanton home run ball.


Andrew Sherman

Favorite Teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, Oakland A’s, and Los Angeles Dodgers

Favorite Beers: Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat, Delirium Tremens, and Mother’s Brewing Company MILF

Favorite Baseball Memory: My First Cardinals v. Royals game. It was June 27, 2010 at Kauffman Stadium. Got to see my favorite player at the time, Albert Pujols, hit a home run to left field. But the Cardinals lost 3-10. Kid you not, the peak of the Pujols home run was just higher than where my seats were.

Hi, I’m one of the Co-Hosts and also I’m the Producer/Engineer for the podcast. Currently, I’m a student at Missouri State University, majoring in broadcast journalism; a production assistant at a local television station in Springfield, MO; and Field Timing Coordinator for the Texas League. This isn’t my first rodeo in the podcast business. I had my own podcast from 2014-2016 under the name AWSherman.net. My dream job is being the radio announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Ways to get in contact with me: @realaws13 on Twitter or asherman2011@gmail.com



Phillip Corwin

Favorite Teams: Kansas City Royals, Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox and Pittsburg Pirates

Favorite Beers: Boulevard Tank 7 and Logboat Imperial March

Favorite Baseball Memory: There is two, but I have to choose one it is when the Royals were in the 2014 one game Wildcard match against the Oakland A’s. The game was full emotions ups and downs on both sides, but being at the game at sitting in section 423 row double Z I wasn’t going to miss the Royals first playoff appearance in 29 years. The stadium was electric and no one wanted to leave even with the A’s took a sustainable lead. It came down to Eric Hosmer hitting a triple where the A’s outfielders misplayed it allowed him to reach 3rd which I like to think the misplay was because of the stadium noise. Next thing Christian Colon hit an infield single tying the game, then Alex Gordon popped out the next at bat, but Colon was able to steal second when Jason Hammel came in to pitch against Salvador Perez.  Perez hit a slider down and away so outside the zone there is no way he should have been swinging at it or even be able to hit down the 3rd base line pasted the outstretched glove of Josh Donaldson giving way for Colon to round 3rd and win the game for the Royals. Being there will always be a memory for me and further cemented my Royal’s fandom.

Hi, I am one of the Co-Hosts for the podcast. Currently, I am working full time as a retail store manager, but I am also in a master program in Museum studies and historical preservation.   I have received my bachelor degrees in History and Education. This is my first time in regularly hosting a podcast, but baseball and craft beer are passions of mine and it only seemed fitting to talk about them once a week.  Overall, my dream is to be able to run a museum preferable one that involves baseball, but I would be happy just to running a history museum.

Ways to contact me: @philco816 on Twitter or phillipcorwin@gmail.com